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About Us.

Colligo IT works with ethical organisations that are dedicated to making a positive social impact. We truly believe in the organisations we work with and are committed to minimising costs while simultaneously maximising business outcomes to promote sustainable growth across all sectors.


(Latin) Verb

- To Bring, Collect Or Bind Together

What Makes Us Different

While we remain your co-partner throughout the process, we ultimately empower your business to deliver its services effectively and efficiently in a way that meets your employee and customer needs. Empowering organisations with the knowledge they need to create opportunity for stability and growth is fundamental to our approach.

Virtual IT Solutions

Our virtual office enables us the adaptability and flexibility to work alongside your organisations every step of the way, meeting your demands as you continue to grow and expand your service delivery. Colligo IT’s virtual approach ensures costs are kept to a minimum, which is ultimately passed on to our customers.

Contact us today to discuss how to facilitate and enhance your business through simple, secure, and integrated IT solutions,
Binding Business and Technology.